Relationship Education Seminars

God will manifest Himself before you

Original trainings designed by Pastors DeWayne & Jacqui Thomas.

Based on the Word of God, backed by His power, confirmed with research.

Class Name

Class Description

 Calming Emotional Waves 

Learning how to manage and overcome the powerful waves of strong emotions that frequently control our decisions and impact our lives.

 Creating a Vision for Your Marriage 

"Where there is no vision the people perish…” Pro 29.18. Having a vision for your marriage is very different from setting goals. Learn how to create a shared vision that will glorify God in your marriage.

 Growing Healthy Leaders 

This seminar is designed to help church leaders identify trends that hinder growth of churches and church leaders. With tips on how to build a healthy church.

 Living a Transfigured Life

Unlock the glory of God in your life as you identify your, gifts, talents, abilities, and capacity created in your by God a for a specific purpose. This class helps you to apply God’s truth as you walk in your purpose.


REAL is an acronym that helps youth and young adults better define the meaning of a healthy relationships. Students learn to identify healthy and unhealthy relationship traits and practice skills to build healthy friendships.

 Squatters of the Mind

 Tired of random thoughts controlling your mind? This class addresses the importance of identifying and eliminating destructive and negative thoughts. 

*** Additional Research based training. Provided in Christian or secular versions.