Community Services

We are family life educators providing a broad scope of skills and practical communication and relationship tools for families, youth, single and married individuals as well as churches, businesses and non-profits. Our current mission focus of educating males on the importance of fatherhood, educating equipping and empowering them to assume their role.

To influence this at our current capacity we provide relationship education primarily for couples who are planning to marry and those who desire to improve their current communication and better ways to handle conflict. We offer this at about 20 to 25% of the current market value. This training is offered to individuals who would not normally have access to this kind of relationship education. Supplying services to 3-5 couples every 2-3 months. Data indicated that when target population is educated and inspired to believe that there are better ways to handle conflict and that they can restore intimacy after infidelity. Through experience we have determined that intensive marketing and advertisement of benefits focused towards our targeted is needed to improve participation. We do this by developing skits, plays at local churches and internet based marketing. Skits that demonstrate effective use of practical tools and skills and with effort become empowered to reshape their lives they actively seek the services that we provide. However we are limited by our staffing and financial capacity.