What is R.E.L.A.T.E

R.E.L.A.T.E. Ministries is a non-profit whose primary purpose is strengthen relationships. Whether the relationship is spiritual, natural, personal or business; we believe that God is extremely interested in relationships and will be as involved as we allow Him to be.

The incorporated chartered name of the organization is Relationship Education, Life Aptitude & Training Essentials Ministries Inc. After trying to explain this long name more than a few times, God gave us a creative way that would communicate our passion. Taking the first letters from each word of the name created the acronym relate and formed the name that is known today as R.E.L.A.T.E. Ministries Inc. We secured a DBA (doing business as) and that was it. This acronym defined the core of what we wanted to help people do in the three areas of focus that formed or original name. It was perfect! The following is a more detailed presentation of each area.

R.E. Relationship Education – As pastors facilitating Relationship Education we believe that an individual’s relationship with God should be first priority with the next priority being an understanding of oneself and finally our interpersonal relationship with others. Within these three is the sum of all relationships. As a part of our partnering with other professional family life educators we are made privy to many proven studies that point to relationship education as a critical element in every conceivable life venue. Research has shown that individuals who are deprived of the normal process of bonding (that is connecting developing trust and securing good values) are more likely to have difficulties developing what is considered acceptable behaviors. Furthermore, research has demonstrated that the introduction of relationship education accompanied with real practical tools at anytime along the life continuum can be life transforming, however the price of the delay is often extremely costly. (www.healthymarriageinfo.org). Ephesians states that we should equip the body of Christ that would enable them to edify one another.

L.A. Life Aptitude – In this area of service we focus on helping individuals identify the natural talents, gifts, or skills that they are most likely to use over their life cycle to secure a fulfilling or purposeful livelihood. Using a number of work sheets and/or personality type indicators we help individuals discover their natural tendencies and strengths. We then assist the individual in discovering God’s pathway for them. We may refer them to the employment office for assistance in resume’ development or to a college guidance counselor to assist with securing additional training such as a GED, a certificate, a degree, or an apprenticeship.

T.E. Training Essentials- This is the capacity building arm of the ministry. Our desire is to help churches and nonprofits develop the skills and competencies that will give them access to information, knowledge and training enabling them to perform more effectively and accomplish goals.

We might assist in the following areas:

  • Incorporation
  • Writing of the by-laws
  • Requesting DBA’s.
  • Assistance with interpretation ordinances, codes and regulations.